Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not an ordinary day

Yesterday, four guys from Farkadona came to the Biennale space of PPC_T. Babis, Christos and other two that I don't remember their names right now. We had also a nice party dedicated to Carlos who is leaving today - he is going back in Brasil. Here are some photos from yesterday in Biennale space at Thessaloniki Port:

The Farkadonians #01

The Farkadonians #02

Babis with Thiago

Christos, Thiago & Babis

Farkadonians in my fusca #02

A picture from the party at Biennale

Also we learned from Hariklia Hari, the architect of the project that we had a publication in the english newspaper The Guardian:

One remarkable exhibit is a walk-in container parked in the port that displays photographs and videos of a three-year project to rehouse and integrate a community of Greek Pontians repatriated from the Black Sea in 1992 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The ethnic Greeks were invited by the Greek government, says architect and curator Hariklia Hari, but were left for years to live in iron containers in Farkadona, Thessaly, in a guarded camp, because of an official policy regarding the dispersal of refugees. As a result of the project, and with government backing, she says, they have finally moved into housing of their own design.

Wow! What a day!